Mildreds: Soho

The sun is out in London town. Surely Spring/Summer must be on its way?!?!

I'm trying to be 'relatively' healthy at the moment [in preparation], so after a long stroll around the shops in the west end we swung by Mildreds in Soho - London's coolest vegetarian restaurant.

When it comes to food, i am the ultimate carnivore (which is obvious from my previous posts) but i do enjoy a good veggie feast and Mildreds is the perfect place.

Part of Mildreds' charm is its informal setting, very much like a  bustly bistro with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The food is served quickly, however, the service itself is a bit slap-dash. Nevertheless - we were lucky to walk in and grab a table as the place doesn't take bookings. 

With an exciting menu and a daily specials board, it was somewhat of a challenge to pick something out as everything sounded fantastic.

Not only does Mildreds cater for vegetarians but it also serves gluten free, wheat free and vegan friendly dishes.

I had to remind Adam that his iguana skin wallet may be deemed as inappropriate in a vegetarian restaurant...

Food time!! Adam opted for a starter as i would much rather saver my calories for pud! Though, i did sneak ones of his deep fried chinese dumplings tossed in ginger, garlic and chilli with kim-chi when he wasn't looking!! 

For the main event, Adam had the super healthy organic energising detox salad with goats cheese, beetroot, carrots, fennel, sprouting beans, sultanas, coriander and toasted seeds with apple, lime and ginger dressing.

I decided upon the humongous dish of stir fried asian vegetables cooked in sesame oil and plum sauce with garlic and ginger, fresh chilli and coriander served with organic brown rice, toasted cashews and marinated organic tofu.

With a chargrilled flatbread on the side.

Our curry-monster mate Sy tucked in to the Sri Lankan sweet potato and cashew nut curry served with yellow basmati rice and peas and a coconut tomato sambal.

Portion sizes here are incredible and excellent value for money - though, with no meat protein to help fill you up, i guess they have to be.

On to dessert, i think i have found my pud haven! I would just happily come here, have a few glasses of wine or a cocktail and order just a pud...again, the portion sizes are ridic!! look...

This baby was on the specials board - a persian lemon, almond and pistachio cake with pomegranate and rose syrup served with a big dollop of tangy yoghurt. 

Sy, my loyal pudding sidekick chose this salted caramel, hazelnut and chocolate cheesecake which was also out of this world!!

Adam missed out on having a hoo!!

After dinner we took a nice stroll through Soho making the most of the sunshine :)

Blazer from TK Maxx, Shirt - Uniqlo, Boots: Dune, Bag - Mulberry

Adam wears: Suit by Paul Smith, White Shirt - Reiss

 What i forgot to mention is that we didn't go full veggie that day ... Adam and I shared a cheeky scotch egg on our way up from the South Bank ... oops!

45 Lexington Street

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